ZR Mounts

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Color & Build.
Black & OEM Product
High Pressure Aluminium
Mount Rings Dia
25.4mm/30mm diameter/
Rail Size
Set 1 piece
Alley Key

Package contents:
1 x Optical Sight Bracket Scope Mount with stop pin for 11mm Rail
1 x Screw Alley key
2 x convert rings fromm 30mm to 25.4 diameter

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ZR Mounts means Zero Recoil,The only assembly that compensates for the recoil for the rifle scope almost 100% and thus prevents damage to the rifle scope. With stop pin and 1 mm forward tilt. Designed for powerful air rifles.Double Ring 25.4mm 1 inch/30mm – 11mm Dovetail Rail Scope Mount. package has 1 PCS with double rings Optical Sight Bracket Scope Mount Rings 11mm they Fits all scopes with a one inch body tube and it also fit 30mm diameter tube of rifle scope, ZR mounts Fits 11mm dove tail mounts rails and bases.Mounts are made of solid aluminum alloy to withstand shock and recoil,they are OEM Production(china) Mount size :25.4 MM / 30mm Ring.

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