Steel Wool Super Fine & Emery Paper

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Product Steel Wool & Emery Strips
Brand Export Quality
Usage Type All Airguns
Quantity Steel Wool 1 Meter & Emery Strips 7. 1.6 inches each
Quality Super Fine Quality
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Steel Wool of super fine Quality of 2 meters in length for cleaning your airgun. Wooden, old  stock with  dents and dullness of polish to re-polish  and make it as new and shiny by just applying a coat of Touchwood(recommended) or coats as required .what you need to do is lightly scrub the wooden stock , completely removing its shine and filling, if any dents and cracks with any wood past or fevicol and let it dry thoroughly. Finally applying thin coat/coats of touchwood as required to renew the wooden stock.

Super fine much finer then  ‘0000’ grade  steel wool, 7 strips of 1.6 inches each  emery paper. Its especially for cleaning rust from airgun barrels without damage to the barrel bluing, application keep emery paper strip soaked in water for an 1hr. then very lightly scrub it on the rusted part of the barrel and wipe it with cloth to check if rust is removed. If not, then again soak emery paper in water and scrub lightly that rusted part of the barrel, repeat same process till all rust is removed then wipe dry the barrel and apply oil over it. you are done. In the whole process emery paper strip should be wet while using it. Later after completion, dry off the strip and keep it. Its reusable.

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