RWS R10 Match Pellets

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Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Brand RWS
Pellet Type Wadcutter
Weight 8.2gr/ 0.53g
Quantity 500 / Tin
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RWS R10 Match Pellets PROVIDE CONSISTENT WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCE. Extensive research and development have led to the special procedures incorporated in the production of R-10 Pellets. Utilizing Optoelectronic Scanning to inspect and measure each pellet, Dynamit-Nobel has set new standards for pellet manufacturing. Before introducing the RWS R10 Match Pellets  to the world, Dynamit-Nobel subjected these pellets to the most rigorous testing procedures known. Professional shooters shot thousands of rounds and offered invaluable information to the engineers. As a result of this type of input, we feel the RWS R-10 pellet is the finest pellet available to the shooting fraternity.

The RWS brand has become the first choice for the world’s elite air rifle shooters for decades with its technologically.



Its one of the best airgun & airgun Pellet manufacturing company in the India. Producing most accurate airgun & airgun Pellets.At very competitive prices in the market giving good accuracy for target shooting and outdoor shooting.


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