PP100 Harpy X1 PCP Air Pistol


Specification PP100 HARPY X1
Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Velocity 243 mps / 800 fps
Max fill Pressure 200 Bar
Mechanism Side Lever loading
Power Source PCP
Barrel Length 270mm
Total Length 364 mm
Total Weight 1 Kg
Barrel Rifled
Magazine Compatible Yes (MZ10 Included)
Shots per Fill 35
Safety Manual (Hammer Blocking)
Suggested For Fun Shooting, Plinking
Manufacturer Precihole Sports
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PP100 Harpy X1 PCP Air Pistol is one of the 1st Indian made pcp air pistol for general citizens who do fun shooting & plinking.
PP100 Harpy X1 PCP Air Pistol comes with 800 fps Max velocity which give shooters to hit long distances with good accuracy.Its Barrel is rifled all together producing energy upto Upto 16 joules /12 ft-lb .
PP100 Harpy is manufactured by Precihole Sports who are India’s one of the finest air rifle & Pistol Manufacturers.It comes with 8 shot Mag.Side lever Loading included with manual locking system.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 kg


Precihole Sports

Its one of the best airgun & airgun Pellet manufacturing company in the India. Producing most accurateairguns & airgun Pellets.At very competitive prices in the market giving good accuracy for target shooting and outdoor shooting.


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