JSB Diabolo Exact Express 0.177 Cal/4.5mm 500/box Airgun Pellets

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Caliber 0.177/4.5mm
Brand JSB Exact
Pellet Type Diabolo Round head
Weight 7.87gr
Quantity Approximately 500/Box
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JSB Diabolo Exact Express are heavy hitting ammunition for long distances,incredibly accurate & Stable. It is being appraised for its low sensitivity for weather and windy conditions.Perfect for hunting and plonking, its Muzzle velocity is 215 m/s if the power of airgun is set to 16J.precisely crafted,Carefully designed, precisely produced and hand-pick quality controlled. Your rifle will love them.The construction of this shot provides the reduction of air resistance, which has a direct impact on a stable, flat flight path and small precipitation over long distances. Compared to other Exact pellets, the Diabolo Exact Express at 4.52 mm is lighter but retains the characteristics of its heavier counterparts: it has an increased speed (vo = 250 m / s for a 16-17 J windbreaker) and keeps the flight path even with strong gusts of wind. Used at the Field Target and HFT competitions.

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Its one of the best airgun pellets manufacturing company in Germany .Producing good quality airguns pellets.At very competitive prices in the market giving good accuracy for target shooting and outdoor shooting.


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