Carbon Fiber Air Cylinder 300 Bar

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Type                                                    SEFIC-114-6.8-300
Outside diameter                          157mm
Water capacity                                6.8L
Height                                                 530mm
Weight                                                3.9kg
Working pressure                          300Bar
Test pressure                                   450Bar
Material                                             composite material
Thread Size                                      M18*1.5mm
Re Test Period                                 3 Yr.
Design Life                                       15 Yr.


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Carbon Fiber Air Cylinder 300 Bar are made by SEFIC who implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each product can meet quality requirements.All Products attained CE/T PED and DOT certifications. Carbon Fiber Air Cylinder 300 BarCylinders are lighter when compared with Aluminium and weigh one-third to a corresponding steel scuba tank.carbon fiber cylinders are having higher pressure capability which allows these tanks to hold more usable air and it also enables it to supply more fully-rated fills against a regular scuba tank.These Cylinders can be filled 4500 psi.most optimal option for PCP Airguns & Air Rifles which needs quick and frequent Air fillings .



SEFIC is a professional supplier of gas and gas equipment. Founded in the 90s,Besides, it is one of the earliest in the country to gain the License of Pressure Vessel Type A2 and C2, ISO9001 and ISO14000 Certification.


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