Marvellous Diana Shot Round 0.22Cal/5.5mm Airgun Pellets 200/Tin

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Caliber 0.22″ (5.5mm)
Brand Marvellous Shot
Pellet Type Soft Round
Weight 15.4gr
Quantity 200 / Tin
Quality Export Quality

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Marvellous Diana Shot round Head 0.22 Cal/5.5mm of caliber airgun Pellets in India of export quality. These pellets are made from finest lead in India giving good accuracy and tighter or closer groups of shots to its shooters.Good for target shooting,Planking and outdoor shooting

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Weight 0.5 kg


Marvellous Shot

Its one of the best airgun Pellet manufacturing company in the India. Producing most accurate airgun Pellets.At very competitive prices in the market giving good accuracy for target shooting and outdoor shooting.


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